Authorised Treatment Facility

IT Disposal in Cambridge:

We are a leading WEEE reprocessor, specialising in waste IT and operate an Authorised treatment facility in Cambridge, providing a predominantly free computer recycling service to businesses and schools in the South East of England (Norfolk, Cambs, Lincolnshire & Suffolk).

Our service is designed to minimize the Environmental risk associated with the recycling of obsolete hardware. Our solutions prevent the use of landfill and instead employ a system of resource extraction. IT-Green® is an ethical company that strives to minimize the impact on the environment and prevent the export of WEEE to less developed countries.

IT-Green is a specialist B2B service provider, operating throughout the UK and providing extensive experience in IT and WEEE, from it's centralised Waste Management Facility. It's market position has been forged through a combination of ethical belief, an understanding of CSR, cost efficiency and reliability. The professional recycling service is licensed by the Environment Agency. IT-Green® is licensed for the transportation of ICT /WEEE waste. The secure premises are licensed for the storage, processing and treatment (Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) & Approved Authorised treatment facility (AATF)) of WEEE and IT hardware (section 23 permit). IT-Green's service can issue evidence (WEEE certificates) where necessary.

Professional PC Disposal:

IT-Green constantly strives to meet all Environmental & Health and Safety regulations and consigns all hazardous IT wastes from you. If you recycle any computer monitors, scanners, laser toners, laptops or uninterruptable power supplies through our service, we are legally bound to issue you with a hazardous waste consignment notice, no matter what condition they're in.

We may ask you to obtain a premises code from the Environment Agency. This will allow you to dispose of any hazardous computer/ office equipment, from your building, through any licensed recycling Company for the following 12 months.

We adhere strictly to the Basel Convention, an international agreement that prohibits the trans boundary movement of hazardous wastes and apply the same strict standard to all Computer hardware we recycle- even if we are able to refurbish it. Similarly, our operational outputs (scrap metals, plastics, glass etc) are passed onto treatment facilities that operate inside the UK and have been previously audited.

A Professional Waste Management Service

We offer a professional B2B service recycling waste business computer systems and electronic equipment, whether it's a small volumes, the remnants of an R+D project or an entire data center. We hold relevant licenses and suitable experience in requisite fields, including:

  • Waste Management (WAMITAB qualified + CIWM membership)
  • IT Qualified personnel (MCSE technicians)
  • NVQ qualified personnel
  • Degree qualified management

Our service operates throughout mainland England and services SMEs and large bluechip corporates. The service holds an enviable track record, backed by a reliable, skilled and courteous workforce. For Businesses in Cambridge, we cover: Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Peterborough, Ely, Sawston and all villages in between.

Licensed Service

IT-Green® holds all licenses relevant to it's field, allowing it to carry out it's duties in a competent and professional manner:

  • Hazardous Waste Carrier:CB/LP3312RD
  • Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF): EAWML/100628.
  • Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF): WEE/QB006ZT/ATF.
  • WAMITAB: 100/2781/6
  • Employee Liability Insurance: GA262104XB
  • Public Liability Certificate: GA262104XB.
  • Data Protection Act: Z1852317.

Further Environment Agency Approvals:
  • Scrap Metals, paper, cardboard and packaging treatment facility
  • Manufacture of certain goods from wastes
  • Treatment, processing and re-use of waste toners

Traceable Confidential Waste Destruction:

We offer a security conscious recycling solution. With data destruction solutions and an asset tracking service, we are able to ensure clients remain compliant with the Data Protection Act and prevent third parties from accessing confidential information. We offer a service that will also comply with ISO requirements, in that we hold both the waste carrier and waste management licenses necessary to fully treat your waste.

Secure, complete removal of all confidential data in compliance with relevant Government or MOD (CESG) standards. IT-Green® Provides certificated data destruction solutions to both UK and international standards. Services include:

  • Binary wiping of Hard drives to UK MOD or US DOD standards.
  • Total physical destruction of Hard Drives.
  • Auditing of Storage media during destruction process.
  • Shredding of Optical Media.
  • Shredding of magnetic Tape media.
  • Shredding of sold state media.